RPower quick-service
  • RPOWER's Quick Service and Counter Operations allow speedy and accurate order entry
  • RPOWER Flash Pay processes small dollar credit card transactions instantly wiithout a customer signature.
  • Integrate a secondary, customer facing LCD for advertising and RPOWER's "Virtual Pole Display" to show order totals while the order is being placed

RPOWER's Quick Service and Counter Operations

RPOWER's Quick Service and Counter Operations functionality increases operator efficiency and accuracy, cutting customer time at the register. RPOWER has several built-in features to improve point-of-sale performance and maximize return on investment. RPOWER can accommodate a secondary, customer facing LCD display at each register for looping promotional video without the need for costly third party software. The RPOWER Polebug, a virtual pole display presented on the customer facing LCD, eliminates the additional cost of a traditional customer display. RPOWER Flash Pay allows small dollar amount credit card transactions to process without the need for receipt printing or signature capture. Couple these features with RPOWER's Customer Rewards Programs as well as its system reliability and see what a powerful point-of-sale system can do for your establishment.
Virtual Pole Display
The RPOWER Polebug, a virtual customer display mirrors a traditional customer display, always showing item dollar amounts and customer totals as the order is being placed. This has been designed to run simultaneously with looping video for customer facing LCDs, removing the costs of a traditional pole display unit.
Kitchen Video Display Systems
Go paperless! RPOWER's Kitchen Video Display System requires no third party integration or additional workstations. KDS runs as a secondary display from your already existing point-of-sale workstation. Features include: Bump-bar or Touch-screen controlled, bump-forwarding(to secondary KDS terminals or printers), bump-dependency, check recall, checks display running time, server, table name, items with multiplier notation and modifiers.

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