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Setting up a store for Export

In general, in preparation for export to WhenToManage, there really isn't an special setup that needs to be done. Most stores will do fine the way they are currently setup. There are a couple things to remember, however:

  1. For net sales figures to report properly, hash menu items need to be broken out into separate sales categories and sales departments from other menu items. In WhenToManage, if a sales department contains a sales category that is marked as a hash sales category, the whole sales department will be excluded from net sales figures. Using the analogy of a tree, creating a whole separate sales department, sales category, menu item branch for hash menu items will prevent this from happening.
  2. The WhenToManage labor scheduler will not show employees who have been terminated. If the store tends to re-hire employees who have been terminated, the recommended practice, when they are using WhenToManage, is to not set a termination date. Mark the terminated employee as inactive, or if they are no longer working a specific job, mark that job as inactive, but do not set termination dates.

Store Setup for Labor Scheduling

  1. Log in as manager. Click System Setup. Click System Information.
  2. On the System Information screen, in the Time Clock section on the right hand side of the screen, set the Schedule Interface to 3.
  3. Tab to another field, and you should see the Folder field and File field become filled in. You should now see the Folde option set to DATACNX, and the File option set to WTMSched.imp
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Back.
  6. Click System Maintenance.
  7. Click Sort/Fix Database.
  8. Click Time Clock.
  9. Click Begin Fixing. When RPOWER warns that others should be off the system before you begin fixing, click OK (it doesn't matter if others are on the system for this fix).
  10. Click Back and click Done to exit Manager Functions.

The labor schedule is retrieved automatically when transactions are posted to WhenToManage. You can also pull a labor schedule from inside the RPOWER WhenToManage Exporter by right-clicking on the application icon and selecting the Perform First Post... menu item as described below in the section named Repost Data.

Repost Data

  1. On K3Server6, right-click on the RPOWER WTM Exporter icon in the Notification Area of the Windows Taskbar.
  2. Click Perform First Post...
  3. Select the WhenToManage Location ID from the Location ID dropdown list.
  4. Click on the radiobutton of the action you want to perform:

    post config data will post configuration data for the site

    post transaction data will enable the Start and End calendars so you can repost sales data

    retrieve labor schedule will check WhenToManage for a labor schedule for a location, and, if one exists, will send that information to the store.

  5. If you selected post transaction data select the start date of the range of data you want to post in the Start calendar. Select the end date of the range you want to post in the End calendar.
  6. Click Export. No progress bar appears, so you will need to wait until a message box pops up showing a success message. If the export failed, a failure message will pop-up referring you to the log file. Click OK on the message box to close the message.
  7. When done, click Resume.
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