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The system setup section of RPOWER is used to configure all of the design and function components of your system. It is highly recommended that you confer with your local support channel prior to making any configuration changes that you do not fully understand the potential results.

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System Information

Universal configuration for Site Information, Cash Drawers, Server Banking, Time Clock and Close Day Settings and reporting options.

Day - Times and Profit Centers

System definitions for your price levels, profit centers, and meal times. Also stores Order Numbering Sequencing tables.

Order Entry Options

System options associated with the order entry process, tax inclusion and system allowances.

Order Print Options

System options for associated with RPOWER print settings for guest checks, remote printers and customer receipts.

Itemizers and PMS Setup

Configurations settings for creating discount itemizers and hotel & property management interface settings for charging checks to a PMS system.

Cust Service Options

Identifies billing & deposit items, card numeration and statement setup options for customers used in RPOWER

Pick-Up and Delivery Options

Specific system setting pertaining to pick-up & delivery checks.

Void Reasons

Creation and listing for all of the Void Reasons defined with the RPOWER system.

Menu Sales Categories

Configuration and listings for all menu sales category and departments.

Payment Methods

Payment method configuration for accepted payment types.

Pay-Out and In Categories

Creation and listing for all Pay-Out/In reasons.

Sales Tax Setup

Tax table configuration for all applicable taxes used within the system.

Payroll and Job Categories

Category definitions and setting for all available job types.

Job Setup

Configuration for standardizing job type defaults

Ledger Accounts

General ledger account listings and settings.

Rooms and Tables

Configuration of system rooms and tables with price level and behavior settings.

Devices On Site

Hardware configuration for how all peripheral devices are used with this RPOWER system.

Output Destinations

Device configuration for how each peripheral device is used within the system, including default, alternate and emergency routing.

Workstation Setup

Workstation configuration for each terminal using the RPOWER system on the network.

Device Definitions

A list of peripheral devices and their settings for how each device communicates with RPOWER.

Credit Card Setup

Universal settings for how RPOWER handles credit card transactions.

Trailer Messages

Configuration of trailer message printing at the bottom of guest checks.

Check Coupon Setup

Add-on coupon printing configuration with guest checks.


Returns to the main Manager Functions page.

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