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This article details the implementation and setup of SparkBase gift and loyalty card programs with RPOWER.

  • Note: SparkBase is supported by RPOWER version 1108306 and higher

Gift and loyalty cards from SparkBase are set up in the same way as RPOWER gift and loyalty cards.

SparkBase gift and loyalty cards may be implemented at a single store or in a multi-store configuration. Customers can purchase a gift card at one location, increase its balance at another location, and make purchases using it at all locations. Similarly, loyalty points may accumulated at multiple stores, and redeemed at any store.

  • Note: RPOWER must be stamped for Third Party Gift Cards, which carries a module charge.

At present, SparkBase, as interfaced to RPOWER, merely maintains gift card dollar balances, and loyalty point balances.

Note that RPOWER (and SparkBase itself, for that matter) can automatically, at a defined threshold, convert loyalty points to gift card dollars. For example, after accumulating 100 points, a gift card reward of $10.00 might be associated with the card.

SparkBase may be configured as pure loyalty, pure gift, or a combination of both.

When configured for pure loyalty, points are accumulated based on purchases made, typically, but not necessarily, one point per purchase dollar. At a certain pre-set threshold, maybe 100, points are converted to a discount coupon worth maybe $5.00 or $10.00. The behavior of this coupon is configurable, that is, it may be consumed completely on its use, or its remaining value may be stored if the product discounted has less value than the coupon. The redemption value of the coupon may also be tiered, e.g., 100 points allow a $5.00 discount (5%), 200 points allow a $12.00 discount (6%) and 300 points allow a $21.00 discount (7%).

When configured for pure gift, dollars are maintained on the card, and redeemed against purchases. Whether or not dollars stored can be increased is configurable. In other words, cards might be issued with a $25.00 balance with the ablilty (or not) to increase that balance at any time through a gift card purchase.

Combination cards accumulate loyalty points, and at certain thresholds, convert those points to gift card dollars. As in pure gift, thresholds may be tiered, and the ability to add (or not) gift dollars through purchase is configurable.


Obtain CUSCNX.INI file

Contact your merchant processing representative (ISO) and tell them you are setting up SparkBase gift and/or loyalty cards for your customer. SparkBase will supply the appropriate credentials.

Credentials include:

 Client ID
 Location ID
 Termianl ID
 Integration Auth (User ID)
 Integration Pass (Password)

Obtain a SparkBase Setup Form from the Dealer FTP (Dealer FTP/ORDER FORMS & CC Setup Sheets/Credit Card Setup Sheets)

After completing the setup form electronically, email it, along with a completed order form, to

RPOWER will return to the dealer the cuscnx.ini.


Cuscnx.ini contains the parameters used by RPOWER to control the specific behaviors of each gift and loyalty program. Multiple programs within one site are supported through the use of mutiple setup entries within the cuscnx.ini.

The file will be copied to the dealer's ftp folder, and will be found in the format DealerShortName_CustomerName_cuscnx.ini.

Navigate to:

 X:\rpower\winrun\ini (where X is the system shared drive letter)

...and copy the .ini file here.

  • Important: It will most likely be necessary to edit cuscnx.ini so that the Pre and Len parameters in the CardRule section reflect the six leading digits and the total length of the actual cards.
  • Important: Rename the file to cuscnx.ini.
  • Important: Be sure that Hide extensions for known file types is not selected. (Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View)
  • Important: RPOWER MUST be restarted on all workstations for cuscnx.ini to load. (Shortcut - Manager Functions, System Maintenance, Enter Site Code does exactly that).
  • Important: All workstations must have internet access.
  • Important: Remember to re-stamp RPOWER if a new license has been acquired to support third party gift cards (Enter Site Code will take care of this too).

Below is a sample SparkBase cuscnx.ini:


 ; (client name here)
 ; SN-clientId-locationId-terminalId-integrationauth-integrationpass
 ; 906-9518-792331-1-loc792331-2wTMlEZx+FfGqvn8OHT


 ; id=up to 11 characters -
 CardRule=type=4,subt=1,id=SiteGftLyl,name=Site Name Gift &

 ;;;;; uncomment for SparkBase gift only

 ;;;;;uncomment and adjust for RPOWER autoredeem - ;
 ; TranFlags=A,AD,ED,CD,RAED,EOT - ; PointsPerDollar=1 - ; RdmIncrement=100
 ; RdmMinimum=100   ; $100 in purchases (100 points)...
 ; CentsPerPoint=10 ; back $10 cash. Make this 5 for $5.00

 ;;;;; uncomment for SparkBase autoredeem or just prepaid with basic point redemption
 ; TranFlags=A,AD,ED,CD,RP
 ; PointsPerDollar=1

 ;;;;;uncomment for SparkBase loyalty only
 TranFlags=AD,RDP,A,D,NC,AA PointsPerDollar=1 CentsPerPoint=10

 menuitem=Loyalty Discount


Port Forwarding

No port forwarding is necessary with SparkBase programs.

RPOWER Setup for Gift

Configure Gift Card Redeemed Payment Method

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Payment Methods and Add New

The important fields are:

Name: Gift Card Redeemed

Apply Sales Tax?: Y

Ask $ Tendered?: Checked

Put $ over on tip?: Checked

Detail report?: Customer choice - whether or not to show gift card detail in the close day report, much like credit card detail

Type: C $On-line (CRM) Charge

# G/C Copies: Probably 2 - Guest check copies

Tender key/type #: Usually 1. This is what ties the payment method to the program defined in cuscnx.ini through the Tender Key entry.

Print for tip & signature: Probably checked

"Pre-pay" (debit)?: Checked - Defines behavior

Auto-pay on swipe?: Checked - When swiped, system assumes payment operation

Department: Gift Card or Other

  • Important: Changes to Payment Methods require a restart of RPOWER (Tip: use Manager Functions, System Maintenance, Enter Site Code to do just that).

Create Gift Card Sold Menu Sales Category

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Menu Sales Categories and Add New

The important fields are:

Name: Gift Card Sold

HASH (throw away)?: Checked

No Tax

Allow combine check?: Checked

Gift Card/CRM rec'd: Checked

OK to split?: Checked

Day/Times: All Days and Times

Department: Gift Card Sold

Itemizers: All Items - to allow discounts

Create Gift Card Sold Menu Item

Navigate to Manager, Menu Setup

Choose a menu panel on which to place the menu item, Open Keys maybe?

Choose a menu button on which to place the menu item

From the list of Menu Items select Add New

Select Regular Menu Item

The important fields are:

Name: Gift Card Sold

Item Type: Regular Menu Item

Category: Gift Card Sold

Ask amount?: Checked - to allow entry of any amount

Multiple preset amount gift card sold items may also be created. On those, Ask amount? would not be checked and the name and price would be filled appropriately, e.g., 25$ Gift Card, with Price/Level at 25.00

Gift Card Operations - Purchase and Redemption

Selling a gift card

Selling a gift card is like selling any other menu item.

On a server workstation, start a new guest check or pick up an existing one. Navigate to the panel containing Gift Card Sold and touch it. At the Amount for Gift Card Sold prompt, enter the purchase amount and touch OK.

At the Gift Card Sold... prompt, swipe the card through the magnetic swipe reader or enter the card number using the numeric keypad.

Enter Card PIN
  • Note: If the card number is manually entered, depending upon system programming, a Card PIN may be required. The Card PIN is a six digit number normally printed on the back of the card.

Pay the check normally. A receipt will be printed showing an invoice number for future reference, the gift card number, and the current balance.

On a Bar, Cashier or Cash Register type workstation, assuming cash sales are permitted, it is not necessary to start a guest check, tab or counter check, simply navigate to the menu panel containing Gift Card Sold and touch it, Enter the purchase amount and touch OK.


At the Gift Card Sold... prompt, swipe the card through the magnetic swipe reader or enter the card number using the numeric keypad.

Use Cash to close the transaction to cash, or swipe a credit card,


Querying a Gift Card Balance

To check the balance on a gift card, on a passcode sercure workstation, passcode in and swipe the card; on any type of non-secure workstation, outside of a sales transaction, swipe the card.

The balance is displayed.

Balance Chit

Touch OK to exit or touch Print to print a balance chit

Tender Amount

Redeeming a gift card

The procedure for redeeming a gift card is identical to that for tendering a credit card,

Pick up the check to be paid, and, from the order entry window, swipe the card.

At the Amount Authorized... prompt, touch OK to close the check to the gift card, or enter an amount to split tender the check,

Guest Check

RPOWER prints a receipt, typically with tip and total lines,

Close the check normally to add the tip.

RPOWER Setup for Loyalty

Configure Rooms

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Rooms and Tables, and for each available room, be sure that OK real customer is checked.

Create Loyalty Discount Category

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Menu Sales Categories and Add New

The important fields are:

Name: Loyalty Discount

Tax - All on

Allow combine check?: Checked

CRM redemption discount?: Checked

Day/Times: All Days and Times

Department: Discount

Itemizers: Typically All Items

Create SparkBase Discount Menu Item

Navigate to Manager, Menu Setup

Select the (Discounts) built-in menu panel

Choose a menu button on which to place the menu item

From the list of Menu Items select Add New

Select Regular Menu Item

The important fields are:

Name: Loyalty Discount

Item Type: Discount or Coupon

Category: SparkBase Discount

Set the Calculation to 100% and the Up-To Amount to some reasonable fail-safe, $5.00 maybe

Accumulate Points

After ordering at least one item, or after beginning a new guest check, the operator swipes the customer's card (or touches Customer - either from the On Screen Check Building window or from the Order Review window and enters the card number).

RPOWER responds by displaying, in the top-left button, an abbreviated card number and the customer's current point and dollar balances, which the operator may convey to the customer. Of course, for the first transaction with a new card the balance will be zero...


...but as the customer makes purchases at the store, the point balance increases, and this is reflected on the receipt.

Each store defines their own reward threshold, that is, the number of points a customer must accumulate before a reward is given.

In a combination gift/loyalty program, a $10.00 gift card might be awarded after one hundred points have been accumulated.

In a pure loyalty program, loyalty points accumulate until a defined threshold has been reached, at which point a coupon becomes available for use against future purchases. The important distinction is that a coupon will be completely consumed against any purchase up to or over the coupon value, a gift card will only consume the amount of the purchase, leaving change due, if any, intact.


Here's an example of a pop-up message notifying the operator that a reward has been achieved in a combo program.


This is also reflected on the customer's receipt.


Here's a receipt showing a pure loyalty reward

Query result

Querying loyalty balances

To query loyalty balances, outside of a sales transaction, the operator simply swipes the card. RPOWER displays loyalty point and gift card dollar balances.


Redeeming Rewards

Combination gift/loyalty rewards are redeemed in exactly the same way a gift card is tendered because, well, they are gift cards! They are redeemed by simply swiping the card at the conclusion of the transaction. See Redeeming a gift card.


Pure loyalty rewards are redeemed in the same way, however the card may be swiped at any time during the transaction, RPOWER drops the available coupon amount onto the check automatically.

End User Actions

Query Balance Online

End users may use the SparkBase site to check gift and/or loyalty balances by navigating to

Type the card number into the Card ID field and the card pin (printed on the back of the card) into the Card PIN field. Satisfy the robot prevention by typing the two displayed words into the provided box. Now click Get My Balance.

SparkBase displays the available balances, as well as the transaction history for the card.

Register Card Online

Retailers can encourage their customers to register their cards online.

Advantages to the customer are that once a card is registered, a mobile phone number or email address may be used as a secondary identifier if the card is unavailable at the time of purchase. The customer can also then login to the web site using an email address and password, established during the registration process, instead of the card number and card pin.

Advantages to the retailer include the ability to email or SMS promotions to customers and the ability to track customer visits and spending.

Bonuses points or dollars can also be awarded as a registration reward.

End users register their cards by navigating to and clicking Get An Account.

End users complete the online form including name, email address, sign in password and mobile phone number, finalizing by clicking Sign-up Card.

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