Migrating to Version 11 - Rooms and Tables


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When upgrading from previous versions of RPOWER to version 11, numerous changes will be noted; most dramatic are the many parameters that have been moved to Rooms and Tables from Workstation Setup and Pick-Up and Delivery options.

This article provides example screen shots and setup instructions for typical Bar, Retaurant and Quick Service rooms.

  • Important note: In order to enable "Cash" orders, Do Standees must be selected (checked) in Workstation Setup (General Options) as well as OK to ring CASH order? (Register & Seats). This is the case whether or not actual Standee tabs will be used. This was NOT the case prior to version 11.

Standee Room Setup

Shown is the standard setup for a standee room that asks for a customer name on a new check (fake, just a label, e.g., Blue Shirt, Red Hat, vs an actual database customer).

The important fields are:

Display name - Name displayed on button when Table/Tab is selected

Short Description - Room name printed on guest check/receipt

Print big on checks - Not necessary, example at right. Short description will always print on guest check/receipt

Sort - Sort order for display when this room is selected

Room Group - None

(I)n, (O)ut, (D)elivery - I(n)

"Special" station letter - * (N/A)

"Bar" room - Selected to designate as a bar room for printing purposes

Pre-check - Selected so as to allow tabs to be started in this room. Without this selection the tab must be closed to finalize the transaction.

Bar - Selected to designate new orders started in this room as bar for tax inclusion purposes.

Cash - Selected to allow cash orders, but will not ask customer name (Customer not checked).

Counter - Selected to allow tab/counter checks.

Customer - Selected to ask for customer on new check

Cashier - Not selected. Servers will NOT be permitted to open guest checks in this room.

OK fake customer? - Selected so that customer entry from above is just a label (Blue Shirt, Red Hat, etc.) and not an actual customer from the database.

RTN Group (Room-Table Name) - Created by RPOWER automatically based on the single table name set in Tables, the next step.

Touch Tables


If not already created by RPOWER, add one table with the name (STD) (parentheses required).

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