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Mercury Mobile Loyalty (MML) (formerly Sundrop Mobile) has been suspended until further notice.

Mercury Mobile Loyalty (MML) (formerly Sundrop Mobile) is available from Mercury Payment Systems. Mercury Mobile Loyalty is based around the use of the customer's mobile phone number and SMS messaging (texts). This article will discuss installation, configuration and use of MML.



While focused most closely on the quick service and general retail markets, MML can also be used in fine dine, cafeteria and bar/nightclub environments.

From the Mercury Mobile Website:

MercuryLoyalty is the incomparable solution to grow your business and keep your best customers coming back. Leveraging the consumer's mobile phone, MercuryLoyalty provides a powerful yet simple way to acquire loyal and engaged customers. Create a better experience for your customers and start competing with the big box stores today!

  1. Enhance customer convenience by simply collecting consumer's mobile number at the check -out counter for registration.
  2. The quick and easy online enrollment process allows consumers to share additional information allowing merchants to identify them.
  3. Understand your consumers buying behavior better with all the data captured and consumer profiles built.
  4. Reach out to your consumers with relevant and targeted opt-in marketing campaigns via SMS text, email and social media.
  5. When customers present the received coupon codes for discounts the POS automatically validates the codes.
  6. Log-in to your dashboards to track and analyze customer behavior and measure the ROI on all the campaigns conducted.
  7. Drive ultra-high participation rates from your consumers with this easy to use solution.

Mercury maintains a dedicated team of marketing specialists that work directly with the end user to design and implement a loyalty program customized to the merchant's marketing goals. After the initial set up, merchants manage their program through a dedicated web site, which allows complete complete control of rewards, marketing blasts and reporting.

The system is flexible, allowing any number of points per dollar spent, any reward threshold, and any reward value. Rewards can be defined as coupons redeemable for a certain product, as general discounts, or even as credits to a Mercury gift card. Point can also be issued based on visits as opposed to dollars purchased.

A typical program might look something like this:

  • A free small yogurt is awarded for initial enrollment.
  • Earn one reward point for each dollar spent. (Decimal points are rewarded for fractional dollars spent).
  • A 50 point threshold must be attained before a reward is issued.
  • A $5.00 discount coupon good towards any future purchase is provided when the 50 point threshold is attained. Note that coupons are unlike gift cards in that they may only be used once, and no value remains on them after use.
  • A free small yogurt is awarded for a birthday or anniversary.
  • A text and/or email blast may be issued at any time to announce new products, and may include a coupon or other offer. (Merchants must attain a minimum of 600 enrollments before a marketing blast if permitted).

Charges vary depending on the program selected. MML offers Silver, Gold and Platinum programs, the difference being the number of included monthly texts, and the price per text beyond the monthly allowance, as well as the price per email sent. Credit card processing through Mercury Payment Systems is not a requirement for use of Mercury Mobile Loyalty, but the monthly fee is discounted for those merchants processing through MPS.

  • Note: All texts to end users are chargeable, including those sent during the initial enrollment process.

Enroll Merchant

Contact Mercury Payment Systems at 800-846-4472 to enroll the merchant. Mercury will supply two needed pieces of information — API Secret and API Key.


Complete an order form and email it to Be sure to include the API Secret and API Key.

A cuscnx,ini will be returned to the dealer. An example of a cuscnx.ini is shown below. See Gift Card Setup for an explanation of these parameters.

The file will be copied to the dealer's ftp folder, and will be found in the format DealerShortName_CustomerName_cuscnx.ini.

Navigate to:

 X:\rpower\winrun\ini (where X is the system shared drive letter)

...and copy the .ini file here.

  • Important: Rename the file to cuscnx.ini.
  • Important: Be sure that Hide extensions for known file types is not selected. (Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View)
  • Important: RPOWER MUST be restarted on all workstations for cuscnx.ini to load. (Tip: Manager, System Maintenance, Enter Site Code does exactly that).

 ; Site Name        RPSerial#-APIKey-APISecret ;
 Test Site  - 4126-TESTSITE-d0d23802e9f54b9b91e7270fd16b1d63
 CardRule=type=p,subt=1,len=99,id=MMLOYAL,name=Mercury Mobile Loyalty ; phone
 CardRule=type=c,subt=6,len=99 ; B36-6 UPC49
 CardRule=type=e,subt=1,len=99 ; email
 TranFlags=AD,RDP,A,EODATKT,LTKM ; Where EODATKT=post all tickets and
 ; ODLTKT=post loyalty only tickets and LTKM=post menu item for all transactions
 ; plu={disc-plu}, ramt={limit}, iplu={apply-to-item-plu}, pplu={plu-plu}, -
 ; pno={plu-price-level}, rselstr={selection string}
 RW-Default=dplu=MMLLOY,damt=5.00 ; default for anything


Configure Rooms

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Rooms and Tables, and for each available room, be sure that OK real customer is checked.

Create MML Discount Category

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Menu Sales Categories and Add New

The important fields are:

Name: MML Discount

Tax - All on

Allow combine check?: Checked

CRM redemption discount?: Checked

Day/Times: All Days and Times

Department: Discount

Itemizers: Typically All Items

Create MML Discount Menu Item

Navigate to Manager, Menu Setup

Select the (Discounts) build in menu panel

Choose a menu button on which to place the menu item

From the list of Menu Items select Add New

Select Regular Menu Item

The important fields are:

Name: MML Discount

Item Type: Discount or Coupon

Category: MML Discount


Set the Calculation to 100% and the Up-To Amount to some reasonable fail-safe, $5.00 maybe

Enter Mobile Number

Enroll Mobile User

After ordering at least one item, or after beginning a new guest check, the operator touches Customer - either from the On Screen Check Building window or from the Order Review window.

At the Acct#, Ref#,... prompt, the operator enters the customer's mobile phone number (the leading one is optional).

Within minutes the customer receives a text from the store, notifying him or her that the registration process has been begun. The text includes a link to the store's website where name, address and other demographic information is collected from the customer.

Within minutes of completing the registration process, the customer receives another text, this one confirming registration and containing any enrollment rewards received.

Enter Mobile Number

Accumulate Points

After ordering at least one item, or after beginning a new guest check, the operator touches Customer - either from the On Screen Check Building window or from the Order Review window.

At the Acct#, Ref#,... prompt, the operator enters the customer's mobile phone number (the leading one is optional).

Point Balance

RPOWER responds by displaying the current point balance, which the operator may convey to the customer. Of course, for the first transaction with a new customer the point balance will be zero...

Point Balance

...but as the customer makes purchases at the store, the point balance increases.


The customer's receipt also reflects the previous and current point balance.


Each store defines their own reward threshold, that is, the number of points a customer must accumulate before a reward is given. In this example, a $5.00 discount coupon is awarded after fifty points have been accumulated. Notice also that fifty points are then deducted from the point balance,

Customers receive a text message notifying them of their reward when a reward threshold has been attained.

Enter Mobile Number

Querying loyalty balances

To query loyalty balances without beginning a sales transaction, the operator touches Customer Services , Enter Card# and enters the mobile number, finishing by touching OK.

Of course, assuming the operator is permitted to error correct items, ordering one item immediately makes the customer button available to query an account. That one item is then simply error corrected, cancelling the transaction.

Enter Mobile Number

Redeeming Rewards

After ordering at least one item, or after beginning a new guest check, the operator touches Customer - either from the On Screen Check Building window or from the Order Review window.

At the Acct#, Ref#,... prompt, the operator enters the customer's mobile phone number (the leading one is optional).


The customer's account balance is displayed, including the reward.

The operator touches OK to proceed.

The operator touches Other Payment/Receipt, then Discounts \ Coupons</cite> (for cash type transactions, for guest check transactions the operator touches <cite>Review Order</cite> then <cite>Pay Check</cite> and <cite>Discounts  Coupons).


The operator selects the appropriate discount from those displayed, in this example MML Discount.

Payment Methods

The operator then selects the appropriate payment method from those displayed, or swipes a credit or gift card to finalize the transaction,

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