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Level Up offers payment processing and marketing services. Once enrolled, a customer may pay for their purchases by presenting a QR code, displayed on their smartphone, to the merchant's Level Up scanner. This article will discuss the setup and implementation of Level Up with RPOWER.

Smart Phone Example

Level Up currently charges the merchant a flat 2% fee for payment processing, and a 25% fee for redeemed promotions offered through their email marketing service. A proprietary scanner is provided to the merchant for $50.00.

  • Note: RPOWER version 11010901 or higher is required for Level Up support.
  • Note: As of January 1, 2014, Dealer pricing for the Level Up interface has not been finalized. Call RPOWER for details as needed.

Level Up is targeted toward the quick service and retail markets where customer interaction occurs at the point of sale. After launching the Level Up app, the customer has the option of including a tip, from 0% to 50% in 5% increments, and 18%. A unique QR code is then created by the app. At any time during the transaction, the customer presents the code to the Level Up scanner. RPOWER captures the code, and changes the top-left Cash button to a Level Up button, awaiting finalization by the cashier.


Order CUSCNX.ini

Complete an order form and Level Up setup sheet (both found in ftp:
rpower.dyndns.org\_Dealer FTP\ORDER FORMS & SETUP SHEETS) and email to office.manager@rpower.com. Be sure to include the Level Up supplied user name, password and location code.

RPOWER will copy a cuscnx.ini (see next section) to the dealer's ftp folder, and will be found in the format DealerShortName_CustomerName_cuscnx.ini.


Cuscnx.ini contains the parameters used by RPOWER to control the inteface to Level Up.

Navigate to:

 X:\rpower\winrun\ini (where X is the system shared drive letter)

...and copy the .ini file here.

  • Important: Rename the file to cuscnx.ini.
  • Important: Be sure that Hide extensions for known file types is not selected. (Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View)
  • Important: RPOWER MUST be restarted on all workstations for cuscnx.ini to load. (Shortcut - Manager/System Maintenance/Enter Site Code does exactly that).

A sample cuscnx.ini is shown below:


 ; Site Name
 ; serno-username-password-locationid
 CardRule=type=4,subt=7,id=LEVELUP,name=The Level Up,len=23,pre=LU,bc=1,man=0
 CusFlags=ANON,PPAY ; Add LOYL for LevelUp Loyalty
 TranFlags=CD ; ED=For LevelUp Gift - Only needed to Add Money to A LevelUp Gift Card; FQ=for Level Up Loyalty
 AcmItemizers=All Items,Tax,Tip,Grat


Configure Level Up Payment Method

Navigate to Manager, System Setup, Payment Methods and Add New

The important fields are:

Name: Level Up

Apply Sales Tax?: Y

Ask $ Tendered?: Checked

Detail report?: Customer choice - whether or not to show Level Up transaction detail in the close day report, much like credit card detail.

Type: C $On-line (CRM) Charge

Force receipt print?: Checked

Tender key/type #: Usually 4. This is what ties the payment method to the program defined in cuscnx.ini through the Tender Key entry.

"Pre-pay" (debit)?: Checked

Department: Level Up or Other

  • Important: Changes to Payment Methods require a restart of RPOWER (Tip: use Manager Functions, System Maintenance, Enter Site Code to do just that).

Hardware Setup

Visit the following Level Up link for instructions on connecting hardware:


The scanner uses a wedge interface, mimicking a keyboard, so no setup within RPOWER is required.

RPOWER Operations

At any time after the transaction has begun, the customer may present the QR code to the Level UP Scanner. RPOWER captures the code information, and replaces the top-left Cash button with a Level Up button.

To finalize the transaction, the cashier touches Level Up, and OK at the Amount Tendered prompt (The payment may also be split tendered by entering an amount less than the balance due).

The transaction is complete

  • Note: Level Up transactions may be reversed by re-opening the check using Paid CheckReview and either voiding the check entirely, or by closing the check to another payment method.
  • Note: Refund/Return is NOT supported for Level Up transactions.
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