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RPOWER recommends the use of a current anti-virus software running on all workstations within a site network. The below documentation describes how to install an anti-virus program providing the greatest amount of protection without compromising the speed or functionality of your RPOWER system.

The settings depicted are catered specifically to a typical RPOWER network and may not include the entire scope of the anti-virus or malware protection settings for installed location as each site utilizes its own unique software tools. Also refer to Configuring Windows Firewall for specific guidelines on installing these products with your RPOWER network in mind.

Installing AVG Free

  1. Go to to download the latest AVG Anti-Virus Program.
    1. Select Get it now in the bottom-right of the NEW AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0 section (top-left of the page).
    2. A new web page will open, scroll towards the bottom of the page and select the red Download button under the AVG Anti-Virus Free column.
    3. Another new page will open, on the left side select the silver/grey Download Now button.
    4. Another new page will open, select the large Download Now button. The download should begin automatically, if it does not you may need to adjust your Internet Explorer settings to allow for downloads. To do this:
      1. Click the notification bar at the top of the web page. A pop-up window will appear, select Download File...
    5. Once the download dialogue box appears, select Save.
    6. Save the file to a known directory on the workstation. Tip: Save the file to the root of your shared RPOWER SYS Directory. It will then be available to ALL RPOWER Workstations on the network, without the need to go through the download steps.
    7. Select Run when the download is complete to begin the installation. Or...
  2. Navigate to the downloaded AVG installer file, typically in the R:\ or F:\ directory and double-click avg_free_stb_all_9_40_cnet.exe, select Run.
    1. Select Next.
    2. Select Install only basic free protection. (AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition)
    3. Select Next, an additional download will begin.
    4. After carefully reading the license agreement, click the box next to I have read the license agreement.
    5. Select Accept, installation will begin.
    6. With Standard Installation already selected, select Next.
    7. At the Activate your AVG Free License prompt select Next.
    8. At the AVG Security Toolbar prompt deselect both Install the AVG Security Toolbar (recommeded) and Set Yahoo! as my default search engine and notify me of changes.
    9. Select Next.
    10. If warned about open applications select Next to automatically close them, installation will continue.
    11. At the Installation of AVG was successful prompt deselect I agree to provide...
    12. Touch Finish.
    13. Select Wait until the first scheduled scan starts.
  3. When installation is complete, launch the program and go to Tools, Advanced Settings..., PUP Exceptions.
    1. Select Add Exception.
    2. Select ... to browse to the location of the Radmin server files, usually c:\program files\radmin.
    3. Double click rserver.exe and select Any location - do not use full path.
    4. Select Add.
    5. Again select Add Exception.
    6. Select ..., the Radmin folder should already be selected.
    7. Double click raddrv.dll .exe and again select Any location - do not use full path.
    8. Select Add.
    9. Select OK.
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