Encrypting Card Readers and PIN Pads


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RPOWER now supports integrated encrypting card readers from IDTech and the IPAD encrypting PIN pad from Magtek.

As of December 15, 2014 End to End Encryption (E2EE) is only supported by Mercury Payment Systems (MPS).

Since cardholder data is encrypted at the hardware level, from the MSR through to the payment processor, End to End Encryption takes the point of sale system out of PCI scope, as no payment card data is processed or stored by the system.

A minimum of one PIN pad should be specified for each site, as without it, a card that is unreadable by the IDTech unit cannot be processed. A workstation using a PIN pad may be configured with an integrated MSR as well, but it is not necessary, as the PIN pad includes an MSR.

The ID Tech integrated encrypting MSR is available now from Metropolitan Sales (and others, check your supplier). A two to three week lead time is required as the units must be custom injected with the MPS key.

The Magtek IPAD is in stock for immediate delivery from Mercury with an MSRP of $299.00.


Order Hardware

  • Imporant: When ordering the PIN pad through Mercury, it is especially important to specify the HID (Human Interface Device) variant, and NOT the keyboard wedge unit. The IDTech MSR is software configurable for keyboard wedge or HID; only one unit is offered.

Install Hardware

Both units use a USB interface. Installation of the PIN pad involves nothing more than plugging the cable into an available USB port on the workstation. The IDTech MSR is installed on the workstation itself by removing the plate on the right side of the unit, inserting the cable into a keyed connector, and securing the unit with two screws. In both cases, Windows will recognize the hardware and automatically install drivers as appropriate.

Configure IDTech MSR

IDTech MSRs ship by default configured with a keyboard wedge interface, RPOWER requires an HID interface. To confirm a keyboard wedge interface, open a copy of Notepad and swipe a card. If card data appears, then the keyboard wedge interface is active.

The interface is software configurable. The configuration utility may be downloaded from the Posiflex web side. From Posiflex, click Magnetic Stripe Readers, then SD4000xxxxE Encrypted Series, then SecureMagMSR_Configuration_Utility_x.x.x.x.zip and Download. Save the file and then copy and extract it on the workstation. Run Setup.exe to install the utility.

From the IDTech MagSwipe Configuration Utility menu, Select Change Advanced Reader Setting.

Select the IDTech HID emulation, then Save to the Reader and Exit.

Configure Magtek PIN Pad

No configuration is required for the Magtek PIN pad.

Configure RPOWER

For the IDTech MSR

From Manager, System Setup, Device Definitions add a new definition:

Device Name: IDTech HID MSR or similar

Type: B Serial Scanner/Reader

H-Pos/1/2LF/USB Vend: 0ACD

V-Pos/dLF/USB Prod: 2010

From Manager, System Setup, Devices On Site add a new device:

RPOWER workstation name: Either the actual workstation name or Any are fine.

Port: h USB HID

Device is a...: Select the IDTech HIS MSR, defined above.

From Manager, System Setup, Output Destinations create a new destination for each workstation, for instance Cashier MSR and attach the IDTech HID MSR as the Normal Routing, no Alternate or Emergency routing should be configured.

From Manager, System Setup, Workstation Setup, Output Destinations, be sure the MSR is flagged.

For the MagTek PIN Pad

No RPOWER configuration is required for customer facing PIN pads. If the PIN pad is to be used exclusively by the workstation operator, and never by the customer, add the following line to either the RPOWER.ini or to a specific _Workstation.ini:


This entry tells RPOWER to treat swipes from the PIN pad exactly the same as if they came from an integrated MSR. No confirmation prompt will be displayed on the PIN pad.


For the IDTech MSR

Operations with the IDTech integrated MSR are identical to operations with any other integrated MSR - Pick up a guest check and swipe the card.

For the Magtek PIN Pad

If the PIN pad is being used exclusively by the workstation operator, i.e. a restaurant server, bartender or cashier, and never by a customer, then operations are identical to those using an integrated MSR - Pick up a guest check and swipe the card.

If the PIN pad is customer facing, i.e., used by the customer for credit/debit entry, operations are slightly different:

Once a transaction has been started, the customer should be notified by the operator that a card may be swiped at any time. Upon customer swipe, the top-left Cash or Review Order button (depending on the transaction type) will display the word Swiped as well as the obscured card number. Items may continue to be added to the transaction. When complete, the operator touches the top left button, and what is normally the Print Guest Check button on the Order Review panel is replaced again with the word Swiped and the obscured card number. The operator may return to order entry, if desired, or touch the Swiped button to bring up the Amount Tendered keypad. If the entire transaction is to be paid by the card, the operator simply touches OK, otherwise a partial tender amount may be entered. In either case, the amount tendered will be displayed on the PIN pad, along with a prompt requesting the customer to approve the amount. Upon customer approval, RPOWER finalizes the transaction normally.

  • Note: We have noticed that under certain circumstances, if a hesitating motion is used when swiping a card into the PIN pad, it may appear to lock up, leaving the display blank. In this event, the operator simply touches Review Order or Back to Menu. Absent any interaction by the operator, RPOWER will automatically clear the PIN pad anyway after thirty seconds.

Manual Card Number Entry

To enable manual card number entry on the PIN pad, the operator presses the red X button on the unit, once or sometimes twice, depending upon configuration. The unit responds with prompts for Card Number, Expiration Date and CVC which are then encypted by the unit and transmitted to RPOWER, just as if they had been entered using RPOWER's own numeric keypad.

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