Delivery Zone Setup


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Store Setup

SQL Data Posting

The store must be posting data to K3's SQL server. See instructions on performing a first post.

Configure PLUs for Item Drops

After configuring the zones, you will need to make new items in RPOWER so that the program can drop the appropriate charge on the delivery check according to zone. The PLU of these items must match the "TAG" field from Zone Setup above

INI Settings

In RPOWER.INI set the following settings:

; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; ~ Turn on driver-oriented delivery dispatcher
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; ~ Delivery zone mapping with Firefox
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; ~ Where <X> is:
; ~ 0, this is the default meaning RPOWER will automatically push the Map
; ~    button if there is no zone already assigned to the customer.
; ~
; ~ 1, RPower will not push the Map button. The user has to push the button
; ~    if wanted.
; ~
; ~ 2, RPower will push the Map button if no zone was assigned and will
; ~    automatically push Continue if the zone is found. This means that new
; ~    customers will be assigned their zones without user interaction,
; ~    although she will have to wait for the process to complete. Google
; ~    terms and services require that a map is actually generated and
; ~    displayed to the user, which we do, but only for a fraction of a second.
; ~
; ~ 3, RPower will always push the Map button to display a map to the user
; ~    every time.
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you find you have visible scroll bars on the page, you can adjust the map size using

; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
; ~ Adjust size of map in Firefox for zone mapping. <X> = number of pixels.
; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Install Firefox

Install Firefox on each machine you will be using delivery mapping on.

You can get Firefox from

After installing, create a delivery ticket. RPower will detect firefox and show a series of setup instructions. Firefox's behavior can differ between versions, so there may be steps out of order.

Web Configuration

You can use any computer to configure zones. Browse to the following URL to configure maps. (Where xxxx is the serial number of the store)

When creating your zones in Mapping, the "TAG" field must match the PLU field of the Delivery Fee item in RPOWER (See above "Configure PLUs for Item Drops")

Defining Store Location

Blank Map

1. Click on Options in the top right corner

2. Click your location on the map and a yellow pin will be put where you click

3. Press Save As Store at the top of the map box

Drawing/Editing Zones

Drawing/Editing Zones

Defining a New Zone

1. Click anywhere on the map and a starting pin will be placed

2. Continue to place pins by clicking on the map. Move pins by clicking the pin and dragging it

3. Press Add/Save Region at the top of the map box

4. Click the new Zone and press Edit Info

5. Type in a value for TAG or keep the defualt. This TAG will be used in the PLU field of a menu item to auto-drop a delivery charge

Editing a Zone

1. Click an existing zone

2. A popup will come up with options to Edit Bounds, Edit Info, and Delete Zone

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