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App Overview

This app provides realtime sales information from your restaurant.

You do not need to refresh as the app will auto update the information within a few seconds of your store sending data to RPOWER. Typical posting time is every 5-10 minutes

Logging In

When you first login, you Username and License Key will be tied to your phone's Unique ID. If you change phones, you must get a new License Key. Each device must have a unique License Key assigned.


Overview Page

This page shows a brief overview of current metrics for your restaurants

  • Clicking on the top of a panel will drill-down to the page with detail for that section
  • Clicking on the bottom part of the Net Sales panel (grey area) will pop up a description of how we arrive at this number

Sales Page

This page shows a detail of sales numbers.

  • Gross Sales includes open checks, grids show closed checks only
  • Clicking the (?) on a panel shows a description of the section

Discounts / Voids

This page shows a detail of discounts.

  • Clicking on a line in the Discount Panel will bring up a view of that check. Note that this is a basic view of the check and does not show voided items at this time


This page shows a detail of Labor.

Email Alerts

This page allows you to customize alerts.


This page is currently being built out.

  • Check Lookup - Shows detail for a check but does not include voided items.


This page has your login credentials.

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