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RPOWER's online dashboard is now available to all RPOWER customers at no charge!

The dashboard provides a snapshot of a restaurant's activity as of the last close day, or as recently as five minutes ago depending upon configuration.

The dashboard is accessed through the RPOWER web site, using the Secure Login link in the upper-right corner.

The credentials used to access the dashboard are the same as those used to access web reports.

The demo dashboard may be viewed using username: rpower and password: test.

Four drop down menus at the top of the page show current user, current store or store group, current comparison setting and current report date.

Click the current user name to change users or to log out.

Click the current store to change store or store group displayed.

Click the comparison setting to choose comparison type. The day of week comparison provides data averages based on the last four same weekdays. So, for example, if viewing a Tuesday, the data averages are based on data culled from the four preceeding Tuesdays. The 30 day moving comparison calculates averages using data from the 30 days previous to the report date.

Click the current report date to select a new date (note that the free version of the RPOWER Dashboard reports on the last seven days only).

Current and forecast weather are displayed in the top right corner based on the reporting site's zip code.

Gross sales are displayed at the top of the page as well as the report date, and status (day closed or time of last data post).

The three round gauges display labor as a percentage of sales, average sales per guest and discounts as a percentage of sales. The tick marks on the gauges represent the highest and lowest data points of the currently displayed comparison. Dead center of the shaded area within the gauge is the average for the data set displayed, and the upper and lower boundaries of the shaded area represent one standard deviation above and below the average.

Counts are displayed linearly for the number of checks, guests, entrees and beverages, and amounts are displayed for comps (discounts) and voids.

Finally the graphs at the bottom of the page display sales by server and discounts by server.

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