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RPOWER can use a workstation's rear facing LCD to play promotional media in any video format (AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc.).

This article describes the steps necessary to do so.

As of version 1110601 (11/1/13), RPOWER no longer uses K3AVI to display video, but now uses the VideoLAN VLC media player.

DO NOT download and install the player from there, though. Instead, go the the Guest FTP and copy the entire VLC folder (under the VLC Video Player folder) to:

 X:\RPOWER\WINRUN\UTIL\ (where X represents the shared drive letter)

  • Note: If necessary, create the UTIL folder under WINRUN, but versions of RPOWER at or greater than 1110706 (11/15/13) will create the folder themselves.
  • Note: These are large files and there are lots of them. Plan on taking a long coffee break or a short lunch as they download.

In the appropriate workstation.ini, insert the following line:


where :

Z:\path\ is the path to the folder containing the media file

Movie.avi is the name of the media file

X is the X axis coordinate of the top-left of the player window (default 0)

Y is the Y axis coordinate of the top-left of the player window (default 0)

Width is the width in pixels of the player window (default 800)

Height is the height in pixels of the player window (default 600)

An example entry might look like:

 AVI=F:\RPOWER\Media\Joe's Presentation Movie.wmv,800,0,640,480

It is possible to play more than one media file at the same time, just add extra lines using AVI1=, AVI2=, AVI3=, etc. (up to AVI9=).

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