Converting from Mercury (and other) gift cards to RPOWER


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This article will outline the steps necessary to convert third-party gift cards, such as those from Mercury Payment Systems, or other vendors, to RPOWER.

  • Important Note: This procedure applies to RPOWER version 11 or later only. Prior versions support card numbers up to 10 digits only.

Request CSV File

The customer must request from the third-party gift card provider a comma separated value (CSV) file containing the current gift card numbers and their balances.

The CSV file may then be edited in Excel, but because of the annoying way Excel handles large numbers, such as gift card numbers, specifically its tendency to format them in scientific notation, it is recommended that the file NOT be opened in the normal way, but instead be imported into a blank worksheet.

Import CSV File

Open a new, blank worksheet in Excel.

Click the Data tab...

...Then click From Text.

Locate the CSV file containing the gift card numbers and balances and double click it.

As the data is, in fact, delimited, accept the default values presented by clicking Next.

At the Text Import Wizard - Step 2 of 3,

Add the comma delimiter by selecting Comma, then click Next.

At the Text Import Wizard - Step 3 of 3,

Change the Column data format of the gift card numbers to text by selecting Text, then click Finish.

At the Import Data prompt, accept the proposed values by clicking OK.

The data is imported, leaving the card numbers intact.

Edit Excel File

Insert a new row in the spreadsheet by right clicking the 1 to the left of the first row and selecting Insert.

Insert three new columns in the spreadsheet by shift-clicking the A and C at the top of the spreadsheet, then right clicking and selecting Insert.

In cell A1, enter !GROUP (yes, that's an exclamation point)

In cell B1, enter TYPE

In cell C1, Enter ACCTNO

In cell D1, enter CARDNO

In cell E1, enter SBAL

In cell F1, enter NAME

In cell A2, enter A

In cell B2, Enter I

In cell C2, Enter GCCONV (for GC Conversion, could be anything)

Copy and paste the the contents of cells A2 - C2 down, to the last data row

In cell F2, enter ="XXXGift-"&D2 where XXX is a one to three letter abbreviation of the restaurant name, or maybe MPS

Copy and paste the contents of F2 down, to the last data row

Widen cell F by grabbing its right edge in the top row and dragging it right to accomodate the entire Name field

The spreadsheet should now look something like the example at right.

Save the file as type CSV

At the CSV warning, click Yes

  • Important: Close the Excel file. If the file is not closed, RPOWER will not be able to import it.

At the Save Changes? prompt, click No (they are already saved)

Copy the CSV file to:

 X:\rpower\imports (where x is the shared drive)
  • Note: If the Imports folder does not exist, create it.

Rename the CSV file RPCUS.CSV

Now, back in RPOWER, back up the database. (Manager Functions, System Maintenance..., Copy Data to BACKUP, then Test Close Procedure, Daily Archive)

Then, create a new gift card account for the imported cards:

From Manager Functions, click Customer List, then Switch to ACCOUNTS then Show ANONYMOUS then Add new ACCOUNT.

In the Name field, enter a descriptive label for the account, such as Mercury Gift Conversion. In the Acct# field, enter the same name used in column C of the Excel spreadsheet, in this example GCCONV. Be sure the Payment Method points to the Gift Card payment method, in this example Gift Card Redeemed. Click Save. Click Done.

Next, import the gift card numbers and balances:

From Manager Functions, click System Maintenance..., then Execute Imports. Click OK. Click Back.

RPOWER will return a results window something like that at right:

Finally, convert the Starting Balance (SBAL) to Credit Due:

From Manager Functions, click Customer List then Switch to ACCOUNTS. Bring up the Special Customer File Operations menu (call RPOWER support for instructions) and click Convert SBL to CUH, choose an appropriate date, probably Today, click OK.

A successful conversion will result in an anonymous customer list looking something like that at right:

Finally, edit CUSCNX.ini to reflect now in-house gift cards. Remove any references to the previous gift card soluiton, and add/edit the following fields:

 Server= (or as appropriate)

editing subt, len and pre as appropriate

  • Important: Remember to restart RPOWER on all workstations after editing CUSCNX.ini.
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