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Berg manufactures products and systems that provide portion control, inventory and accountability solutions for different types of beverages.



Device Definition

In Device Definitions, add a new definiton.

Set the Type to 'Q' and give the definition a descriptive name, like "Berg Liq Disp".

Add the Device to It's Workstation

Create a device in Devices On Site. Set the "workstation name", the "Port" to the port the device is physically attached to, and set "Device is a..." to the Device Definition you created earlier.

Setup RPOWER Items

There will be a Berg software or hardware interface (depending on the device) that is used to retrieve or set the PLUs linked to various "Menu Items" in the Berg system.

These PLUs are set in the Menu Item Editing screen.

When the device pours, it will ring in the item associated with it's PLU in the same manner as if it had been rang in by a scanner.

Test Swipes

Test pours can be setup using the keyboard swipes in RPOWER.INI.

For example:


will setup the key combination of ";lk1" to simulate a pour of the item with 1234 as the PLU.

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