RPower reporting
  • Over 70 reports available from single or multi-store product mixes to sales, labor, and expense data for a specified date range.
  • Automatically email daily sales reports to management and pay period reports to payrolll providers, or email any RPOWER report to key personnel on the fly
  • RPOWER auto-emails designated key reports on a daily,weekly, or monthly basis
  • Consolidated reporting, in one location, for all of your sites

RPOWER's Web-Based Reporting

RPOWER's SQL Reporting Engine makes it possible for both single and multi-location groups to collect and securely warehouse real-time store-level sales, labor, customer, and inventory data at an affordable price point. This data is used to host RPOWER's Web Reports package to provide a unique and secure login for sites and their management team to access.

Over 60 various reports covering real-time sales, sales history, employee labor, customer activity, and single & multi-site product sales detail are available with reporting groups targeted to single-site, multi-unit stores, as well as catering and customer heavy markets.

Reports are delivered real-time via your web browser and available for download in PDF, RTF, and XLS formats. The RPOWER Web Reports package is capable of automatically emailing selected reports on adaily, weekly, or monthly schedule for each unique user.

  • CustomerLabels
  • CustomerList
  • CustomerOrderHistory
  • DailyFlash
  • DailyFlash-WeekStarttoDate
  • DailySales
  • DailySalesbyDay
  • DailySalesSummary
  • DidNotExport
  • DiscountCategorySummary
  • EmployeeHours,NoPay,NoTips
  • EmployeeHours,NoPay,WithTips
  • EmployeeHours,WithPay,NoTips
  • EmployeeHours,WithPay,WithTips       
  • FoodSheet
  • FutureOrdersbySalesCategory
  • FutureOrdersbySalesDepartment
  • ImportVerification
  • LaborThisWeek
  • MealtimeBreakdown
  • MonthComparison
  • Non-TippedCreditCards
  • OrderSpeed
  • OvertimeSummary
  • PaymentsbyProfitCenter
  • Payroll
  • ProductList
  • ProductSalesbyDay
  • ProductSalesbyMealTime
  • ProductSalesbyProfitCenter
  • ProductSalesbySalesCategory
  • ProductSalesbySalesDepartment
  • ProductSalesbyServer
  • ProductSalesbyStore
  • ProductSalesCrossTab-Quantities
  • ProductSalesCrossTab-SalesCtgy
  • ProductSalesCrossTab-SalesDept
  • ProductUsagebyMenuItem
  • ProductUsagebySalesCategory
  • RoyaltyandMarketing
  • SalesBreakdown
  • SalesbyMonth
  • SalesItemDetail
  • SalesSummary
  • Salesvs.Labor
  • ServerDailySummary
  • ServerDiscountSummary
  • ServerProductivity
  • ServerSalesTipPercentages
  • ServerRefundSummary
  • StoreSalesData
  • TallySheet
  • TransactionDetail
  • TransactionsbyHour
  • WeeklySalesDepartmentSummary
  • WeeklySalesvsLabor
  • VoidedCateringTickets
  • VoidReason
Additional 3rd Party Web Reporting & Management Solutions

RPOWER is also compatible with many above-store management solutions. Each with their own unique set of features and reporting. See RPOWER Data Services for more information.

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