RPower tutorials
  • Our tutorials cover a wide variety of operations. See how intuitive RPOWER interfaces guide users through popular POS processes.
RPOWER Tutorials and Video Reference Library
As a way to showcase our software for future RPOWER customers and to give our current users easy to follow tutorials on many common operations within RPOWER, we are pleased to offer a video library of RPOWER POS tutorials. Simply click on a tutorial screenshot to play the video of your choice, or visit the RPOWER POS channel on youTube to catch new videos as they are released. We are always composing additional tutorials, so be sure to request any operation you would like to see demonstrated in detail by emailing info@rpower.com!
RPOWER Market Overview Tutorials

Table Service Operations Overview

Quick Service Operations Overview

Table Service & Fine Dining - Server Operations

Beginning a New Check in RPOWER POS

Ordering Cocktails Using RPOWER POS

Adding Items to an Existing Check

Using "Dup Round"

Correcting Entry Errors

Using "Hold and Fire"

Printing Guest Checks

Printing a Split Check

Splitting Checks

Paying Checks with Cash

Paying Checks with a Credit Card

Transferring Guest Checks

Nightclub & Bar - Bartender Operations

Using Bar Tab Features in RPOWER POS

Using Dup Round

Using House Accounts

Cash Transactions

Pick-Up & Delivery - Cashier Operations

Using Caller-ID Features

RPOWER Delivery Dispatcher


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