• Easily calculate overtime
  • Built-in Tip Tracking and Labor Reporting
  • Fully integrated module includes the tools needed to manage labor

RPOWER's Integrated Time Clock Management

RPOWER POS keeps you in control of your employees with fully integrated Time Clock module. Its built-in tip tracking and labor reporting give you the software tools you need to effectively manage labor. Easily calculate overtime and run time clock reports for payroll and analysis.

RPOWER's extensive features include multiple jobs and pay rates for employees, numerous security level settings, simple time clock and tip editing, pre-set tip pooling and allocation, and real-time analysis to keep management ahead of the curve.
Employee Breaks
RPOWER tracks up to five break times per employee per day. Each definable break is configured as Paid or UnPaid, with options for Early/Late Return policies based on manager approval. RPOWER break functionality keeps you documented and in compliance with your state labor regulations.
Integrated Biometrics
Increase your POS system security and Time Clock record keeping with Integrated Fingerprint Readers. RPOWER has the ability to enforce fingerprint use on any management required transactions, time-clock entries, or entire POS operations.
Labor Scheduling
Restrict your employee clock-in/out times and share employee sales and time clock data with one of RPOWER's integrated Labor Scheduling partners. Each group provides comprehensive tools for labor forecasting, schedule analysis, productivity reporting and more.
The RPOWER Time Clock Module can drastically reduce valuable management time and produce the reporting every restaurateur needs to minimize labor costs. To save even more time, use one of the RPOWER External Payroll interfaces to transmit all needed payroll information to your payroll services provider.

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