RPOWER POS Customer Testimonials
  • From restaurant chains to family-owned diners, our users learn firsthand the benefits of RPOWER Point of Sale software.
So what is the best part about having RPOWER as your pos solution?
Here's a small sample of opinions our users had regarding their RPOWER Point of Sale software and supporting Certified RPOWER Dealerships...
Hale and Hearty Soups - 15+ Locations
"We were looking for a point of sale system that would work for our business. We had nearly given up our search when we found RPOWER. RPOWER has helped us to increase productivity, profitability, and service our customers better. We utilize RPOWER for quick service, delivery, and the online ordering interface to our website. RPOWER delivery module is unmatched and the online ordering interface saves us labor by bringing our web orders directly into our system."
Simon Jacobs -- President
Longo's Pizza & Joey's Italian Grill
"We couldn’t be happier with the credit and gift card processing solution that RPOWER and Mercury Payment Systems provide. The processing platform integrated to the RPOWER system has made everything so easy. In addition to the free integrated payments technology, we particularly value Mercury’s free gift card transactions, multi-store reconciliation, and automated online reporting. These are services we just couldn’t get with another payment processor. We completely trust RPOWER and Mercury to handle all our payment processing needs."
Joe Longo -- Owner
The Grind
Multiple Locations - Scottsdale,AZ
"The Mercury Payments and RPOWER partnership offers you a comprehensive, one-stop integrated payment solution with seamless technology, unbridled live tech support, and ‘better-than-bank’ merchant services. Other services include gift card & loyalty programs, merchant cash advance programs and PCI Security."
Allen Thompson -- Partner
Mamma Lombardi's Ristorante & Lombardi's On The Sound,
Port Jefferson Country Club
"Running my business was tough times before installing RPOWER. It has given me the tools I need to control my business and helps me keep track of my wait staff & kitchen staff’s performance. RPOWER makes me confident that all orders are taken and produced accurately, eliminating food waste and unhappy customers. Since using RPOWER, orders are consistently up-charged for modified dishes and the tracking of open & closed checks is simple. My certified RPOWER dealer is the best in the business and has been terrific with timely solutions and great advice on how to keep up with technology."
Jerry Lombardi -- Owner
Sonoma Coffee Cafés
"As the Franchisor of Sonoma Coffee Cafés, we required a POS system that would not only provide value for our Franchisees, but accurate, necessary reporting of sales, ease of use, dependability, flexibility, real time backup of data and great customer service. RPOWER has been the answer to all of our wants and needs. From the configuration to the installation of the equipment, training and ongoing support, customer support has met our very high requirements and exceeded our expectations. Their cooperation with our Corporate Office makes them a pleasure with which to do business."
Carrie Karras -- Franchise Operations Manager
Coach House Restaurant
"A major feature of the RPOWER System has been the ease and speed with which items can be entered into the database and then entered onto the computer screen on a daily or meal by meal basis. What used to take hours to accomplish with our former POS system, takes only minutes of a manager's time with RPOWER and can be accomplished while the manager is still present on the dining area floor. Our Certified RPOWER Dealership was a great help to us in getting us converted from our previous system to RPOWER. They have provided excellent and responsive assistance at all times. We enjoy the relationship we have built with them over the years."
George Pappas -- President
Bobby Van's - Six Locations
"We are a fine dining Steakhouse, and for the last five years or so RPOWER has worked great for our table service as well as delivery. It is easy to make changes on the fly. I have two other point-of-sale systems in other locations and I think that RPOWER is by far the most reliable system of all of them. It is so easy to use that my veteran waiters had no trouble adapting to it. At the bar ring-ing up cash orders and starting bar tabs is really fast. The bartenders never have a problem, it's a quick cash sale. The RPOWER system is also backed up by fast, reliable, and knowledgeable service from our dealership. Their efficient personnel solve what few hardware and software problems we have without hesitation."
Lenny Paserelli -- Owner
The Restaurant Group - Seven Locations
Fuel/Firehouse Restaurants
"We have seven locations running the RPOWER system starting in 1999, the reliability of the software has been absolutely great. Our locations use the RPOWER Delivery Module and with it we have increased our delivery efficiency and timing accuracy. We have just started on RPOWER's multi-store gift card and are excited at what it will bring to our customers."
Jeremy Wladis -- President
The Manhattan Chili Co.
"RPOWER has wonderful adaptability and wonderful flexibility. For over six years, it has done what we've needed, especially with the delivery component. And it keeps being improved upon!

RPOWER is so reliable in its functions that being asked to comment on its reliability is positively humorous. RPOWER is so simple to use that training, once a major issue for new employees, is something we don't even talk about at this point. The overall speed of RPOWER enables us to function at our highest capacity.

The local dealership and its service are the wonderful compliment to the reliability of RPOWER. The service is unparalleled with regard to any other vendor in our business life. The staff is accessible, on top of the issues and problems, responsive, and most importantly sensitive. I pity any restaurant that does not have RPOWER for its POS software and a responsible dealership as its service company."
Bruce Sternman -- Proprietor

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