RPower accounting-payroll
  • Use one of the RPOWER's External Payroll Interfaces to automatically transmit key payroll information to your payroll services provider
  • Eliminates time and effort of transcribing payroll data while ensuring accuracy
  • Exclusively from RPOWER: Track and export tip earnings to Quickbooks for use on W2 submissions

RPOWER's Payroll Interfaces

The RPOWER Payroll Services Interface will automatically output your employee jobs, hours, pay rates, and reported tips to your payroll provider. RPOWER has current interfaces available with a large array of Payroll Services Companies including:
    • ADP
    • Compu-Pay
    • PayChex
    • Advatage Payroll
    • Acadia HR
    • HR Pyramid
    • One Source
    • Pay Serve
    • PayCom
    • Payroll Networks
    • Pay Choice
    • USA Pay
    • QuickBooks Do It Yourself Payroll
    • *Additional Payroll Service provider interfaces are available upon request.
How It Works

Each employee is assigned an external Employee ID number in RPOWER. This ID is directly linked with the same employee in the payroll services database. Initial and ongoing employee entries are completed in both RPOWER and the Payroll provider database. Each payroll system utilizes different processes to compile employee pay. RPOWER will work diligently with your payroll services company to ensure they receive the necessary data to process your payroll.

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