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RPOWER POS, A validated PA-DSS Application

Since 1995, RPOWER has always been protective of cardholder data. We have never stored credit card numbers, expiration dates, or magnetic stripe track data unencrypted. In addition, we have formatted receipts and system logging security measures beyond standard compliancy according to the strictest requirements delegated.

With the release of RPOWER POS Version 2014, RPOWER adheres to Visa's new PA-DSS V2 guidelines and beyond. Furthermore, we can identify the following key statements about credit card security and cardholder information with regards to RPOWER:

  • RPOWER never prints or displays full credit card numbers to anyone under any circumstances.
  • Track 2 and AVS data are not stored after initial authorization under any circumstances.
  • Card verification code and PIN values are never stored after initial authorization under any circumstances.
  • RPOWER's keystroke logs do not contain sensitive information, while at the same time recording something was entered.
  • Any and all credit card data is inaccessible to anyone outside of strategically designated RPOWER Corporate employees, for use in monitored trouble-shooting, support, and development purposes. Even RPOWER certified dealers with access to the highest level security cannot retrieve credit card data under any circumstances.
  • RPOWER uses two-factor authentication when accessing sites remotely for direct support. We recommend the use of a two-factor authentication remote access product for any remote access with configuration settings defined in the CISP Implementation Guide.

Please follow this link: RPOWER's Complete CISP Implementation Guide to view RPOWER's Complete CISP Implementation Guide.

For specific questions regarding RPOWER's PA-DSS Validation & CISP Implementation Guide please contact your local RPOWER Dealership or email us directly at

Visit or to learn more about PCI Compliancy and the CISP Security Standards designated for your business.

Learn more about RPOWER's integrated credit card processing and the benefits of processing with one of our certified processing partners.

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