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RPOWER Mobile Workstations

RPOWER has put together its same power-packed POS solution with the latest in mobile point-of-sale technology, with the WebDT handheld system from DT Research. Unlike other systems that often depend on fragile and battery-hungry office or personal products designed for other uses in other places, the WebDT 430 was built from the ground up to deliver dependable, long-range, and battery-frugal service in harsh, crowded, and dimly-lit environments. Together with RPOWER, the WebDT 430 is the handheld solution restaurateurs have been waiting for.

Mobile workstations can increase server productivity and customer satisfaction in an elegant table-side manner. Saving money and making customers happier is only one side of the equation. With an optional magnetic swipe reader and wireless belt printer, RPOWER Mobile Workstations can significantly reduce table turn time, especially for customers paying with credit cards. The unit can also handle gift cards, both for sale and redemption, along with any customer rewards programs. In busy etablishments, faster turns mean increased revenue.

RPOWER Mobile Workstations are not for everyone, but in the right situation they can increase revunue and your customer experience returning their investment over and over.

RPOWER Handheld Capabilities

    • Secure server entry
    • Table-service or 'Line-buster' ordering
    • Multiple item modifier levels
    • Full void & discount capabilities
    • Pre-auth credit cards for tabs
    • Authorize multiple credit cards
    • Finalize (tip) credit card payments
    • Full Gift/Loyalty integration
    • Complete management capabilities
    • Table-side printing
    • On demand destination printing
    • Full RPOWER POS software functionality

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