RPOWER Point of Sale - POS Market Configurations - Restaurant, Night Club, Bar, Delivery, Take-Out POS

  • RPOWER configurations are designed to manage workflow and streamline business processes
Food Service Markets and RPOWER Configurations
Are you thinking about adding a bar to your establishment? Or perhaps you've noticed a demand for take-out orders... Or maybe you are simply searching for the right POS solution for your corporate cafeteria or self-service yogurt shop. RPOWER has a variety of software features and integrations which can combine to provide the ideal POS system for your facility. Here are some RPOWER markets that have enjoyed the benefit of our innovative POS solutions.
RPOWER has developed POS features catered specifically to the Table Service environment. Intuitive operations for splitting checks, menu coursing, and fire/hold transactions reduce the time at the point of sale terminals, keeping the service & management staff's attention on the customer.
RPOWER Quick Service POS functionality increases operator efficiency and accuracy, thus reducing customer time at the register. Couple these features with RPOWER's various Customer Rewards Programs and see what a powerful point-of-sale system can do for your bottom line.
The speed of RPOWER's Bar & Nightclub configuration provides for lightening-fast order-to-completion time without sacrificing detailed item tracking or customer management. The speed and reliability of RPOWER is unmatched in the industry and continues to place RPOWER in the most demanding environments in the country.
RPOWER's delivery system has been tested in the harshest environments by locations processing 2,500 deliveries per day and managing 20,000 accounts. Built-in options for handling current, future, and online orders allow establishments to customize its delivery needs. RPOWER's Delivery Dispatcher, Caller ID Integration, and CRM utilities keep you on top of your business needs.
RPOWER provides a variety of ways to operate your cafeteria beyond traditional order entry. Enter items with simple touch-screen control, PLU lookup, barcode scanning, or via deli scales with multiple tare options. Finalize transactions with a badge scan or credit card swipe and you're ready for the next customer.

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