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Affordable Monthly Payments
Introducing RPOWER AMP! The smart way to purchase RPOWER software. Breaking free from the traditional industry mold of expensive upfront software licensing and recurring upgrade fees, RPOWER AMP! provides the same power-packed point-of-sale software for a suprisingly Affordable Monthly Payment with absolutely no upfront fees.

No Contracts, No Buy-outs, No Termination Fees
What's the catch? None. We have the confidence to offer RPOWER AMP! with zero buy-outs, termination fees, lengthy contracts, or credit approval programs. Any and every establishment is elligible for RPOWER AMP!

Lifetime Software! No Upgrade Costs... Ever!
Grab hold of all of the benefits RPOWER AMP! has to offer. No upgrade fees. Ever! RPOWER AMP! customers will always have the latest RPOWER software releases, features, integrations, and credit card security mandates available to implement on demand.
RPOWER AMP! customers are always up-to-date with all of their POS needs without the barrier of expensive upgrades.

RPOWER Managed ACH Billing
RPOWER's automated ACH billing takes the complication out of traditional monthly billing programs. Customers simply have their monthly RPOWER AMP! fees auto-debited from the account. Not only does RPOWER AMP! offer and affordable monthly payment, it streamlines customer billing for both the client and the supporting RPOWER Dealership. RPOWER AMP! Software Features
    • Order Entry
    • Spotter Display, DVR Integration
    • RPOWER Kitchen Video
    • Customer Billing & Receivables
    • Time Clock(including break functionality)
    • Graphical Table Management
    • Secure Gift & Loyalty Programs
    • Unlimited Back-office Users
    • Integrated IP Credit Card Processing
    • Off-site Data Backup
    • Delivery, Last Order Recall
    • Easy to Use Menu Programming
    • Caller ID Intergation
    • Mobile Workstations
    • Employee Messaging
    • Maintained Annual PA-DSS Software
    • Real-time Web Reporting & Dashboard
    • Third Party Product Tracking Interfaces
    • Auto-close & Auto-emailing
    • Third Party Payroll Interfaces
    • Managed Customer Video Marketing Screen
    • Refunds/Returns

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