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RPOWER Dealership Information
RPOWER is seeking to expand and improve its Dealership network by recruiting sound, technically proficient business entities with an outstanding record of customer support in their current business endeavors for a long-term partnership.

Recognizing that a reputation for outstanding customer support is critical to business success, RPOWER prides itself on maintaining a high level of customer service and expects the same from each of our Dealerships.

We offer a premiere, cost effective point-of-sale solution for today’s food service industry. Established in 1992, RPOWER supports more than four thousand systems throughout the United States. Our product allows owners to manage all aspects of their business through a proven, flexible, and reliable point-of-sale system.

RPOWER gives your customers the tools needed to minimize costs, maximize profits, and efficiently manage their establishments. Simply stated RPOWER provides the rock-solid, mature software solution that breeds the confidence necessary to approach any potential hospitality point-of-sale client.


RPOWER doesn't forget the dealership, always making the extra effort to keep the support and installation of RPOWER simple and straightforward. We look to our dealership channel to drive future software changes and development, and will always assist to complete a sale, remedy a support issue, or develop your business.

RPOWER provides fantastic margins, attainable quarterly cash rebate and co-op programs, recurring revenue models, hardware partnership programs, and credit card revenue sharing platforms, all with no annual dealership or software support fees.

Simply contact us for a quick online demo of what RPOWER can do for you.

Complete the request form below and we will contact you to discuss the business benefits of becoming a Certified RPOWER Dealership.

Jami Interdonato
Channel Manager - RPOWER POS
Phone: 480-425-2222 Ext 811
Email: jami.interdonato@rpower.com

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